Portable ultrasound scanner MINDRAY DP 10

Ref DP-10

The Mindray DP-10 portable ultrasound scanner is a device that combines pragmatism, modernity and precision. It has a 30º tilting screen, a silicone keyboard and a backlit control panel that optimizes its comfort of use, is very light, easy to transport and takes up very little space. It is lightweight, easy to transport and takes up very little space, making it ideal for use in hospitals or surgeries and adapts perfectly to its environment. The performance of the Mindray DP-10 ultrasound scanner matches its ergonomic design. The Mindray DP-10 portable ultrasound scanner integrates several clinical applications (including pediatric applications) that are easy to understand and activate at first use. It offers the ability to configure the menu for quick access to the most frequently used applications. Compatible with multiple sensors, it is designed for different practitioners such as urologists, gynaecologists, paediatricians and orthopaedic surgeons. Several state-of-the-art technologies guarantee high precision and high quality colour images: high-resolution LED screen (12.1 inches), tissue harmonic imaging (THI technique), multi-frequency probe (2D image mode), zoom, 8 TGC segments to regulate the images. Its backlit keypad allows use in any room, even in the absence of light. The unit is compatible with several image formats (JPG, BMP, DCM, FRM, CIN), which can be directly transferred to a USB key. (It can store 128 images (B mode) and has two USB ports, a VGA port, a Video port and an S-Video port).


  • Multi-frequency image: B, B/B, 4B, B/M, M.
  • iClear function: Reduces the amount of smudges on the image.
  • iScanHelper feature: Tutorial to assist in the use of the device.
  • iStation search engine integrated with the ultrasound scanner: retrieves, saves and manages patient data.
  • Optional pulsed Doppler for probes 33976 (Convex), 33977 (Linear).